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Materials and Devices is an Open Access journal which publishes original, and peer-reviewed papers accessible only via internet, freely for all. Your published article can be freely downloaded, and self archiving of your paper is not only allowed but strongly encouraged!


Materials and Devices aims at publishing papers on * all aspects related to materials, namely according to their chemical formula (oxides, fluorides, carbon compounds, …, organic, inorganic), to their physical properties (conductors, super-conductors, semi-conductors, insulators, dielectrics,...), to their nature (crystalline or amorphous materials, liquid crystals, modulated systems, aperiodic materials, nanomaterials and nanostructured materials)… or environmental type (ecomaterials), or according to some specific applications. Papers on biomaterials, geomaterials, archeomaterials or on studies of ancient materials are also welcome. A particular attention is also paid on environmental studies related with materials.  Authors are also encouraged to submit papers on theoretical studies applied to materials, including pure mathematical approaches, physical approaches, models, numerical simulations, etc.
* devices in a wide sense. However, concerning Devices, the scope is restricted to those integrating particular materials (for instance memories based on some specific magnetic materials) or category of materials. Papers on all types of such devices are welcome. Besides, technical papers are welcome, they are related with works on the development of laboratory technics and apparatus relevant to studies on materials and related devices - see below.

Article types:  different article types may be submitted:

- A : regular papers, that should present the results of original research, not published or submitted somewhere else.
- L : short papers, written as letters, focusing on one or few particular aspects, representing a very significant progress, for rapid publication.
- R : review papers, that presents a summary of results published in literature, on fields covered by the journal.
- T : technical papers, on the development of laboratory technics and apparatus relevant to studies on materials and related devices. Such papers will present the details of the designed technics, and an example of application in real condition, they may also take the form of overviews or reviews .
- Ur : Unexpected and « negative » results, the journal accepts papers describing unexpected results, or results considered as negative, provided that the original ground arguments are sound, and that a reasonable interpretation can be proposed. Typical examples are : a synthesis process that is generally successful, which aborts in given cases, or give different unexpected but interesting results, results contradicting a theory or a model, etc. The idea to publish such papers is mainly to save time to the scientific community by giving information that is generally not available, except as  private communications between researchers.
- O: Opinion articles; articles in which the authors express, expose, and motivate their opinion, suggestions, proposals, analyzes, on general, philosophical, political aspects, policies related to researches on  Materials and on Devices, on all subjects from the production of the scientific results, to the publication and use of those results. These articles will engage only their author, and should not be polemical or defamatory; the attack of specifically named entities will not be allowed, and the text will have to be supported by rational and verifiable arguments. The main objectives of this new type of articles are to make the scientific community reflect on its own research activities and publication processes of results, taking a step back, and to allow decision-makers to have access to opinions and analyzes freely expressed and developed.
- Conf: conference papers : Materials and Devices may also publish conference proceedings and conference papers in special volumes. This service is not free, organizers of conference interested should contact the journal to know details.
- M: METHODS : This is the newly launched type of articles, it gives authors the possibility to detail the methods they have used, for instance preparation or synthesis methods, but also theoretical, mathematical, simulation methods or experimental methods. Such articles may already be submitted, the corresponding template will be available soon!

Detailed instructions to authors may be found within the template itself. Please note that the template is different for review papers and for "Methods" papers.

NEW! In order to make easier the process of publication, and to avoid time losses to authors, we now accept submissions of articles in free format! Authors should just generate a pdf file and upload it. The preparation of the final article will be performed once the article is accepted.

We recommend to use LibreOffice for the preparation of the manuscript.

    1. Download the template, that contains also instructions for authors.
Please note that for review articles, the template is different (template review)!
    2.Prepare a list of at least 15 valid e-mail addresses of scientists working in the field of the article, or in related fields
    3. Register in the site as author here and follow instructions. We recommend you to register as reader, author, and reviewer!

IMPORTANT :   Send also a copy of your manuscript, accompanied with the list of e-mail address of scientists (mandatory- the addresses must be checked before sending)  to
(*) Collaborating Academics 14, Av Frederic Mistral
34110 Frontignan, France
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